10 high-protein breakfast & main dishes | Recipe: Amaranth Chocolate Porridge

The ‘Eat yourself fit’ Autumn-Challenge has officially ended a few weeks ago, but of course you’ll also find many delicious high protein recipes on the blog to continue. Some of you have already asked me for more recipes (and for the next challenge ;)). I’m very pleased about that and that’s why I’ve put together 5 protein-rich breakfast and main courses for you, which you can prepare after the Challenge to continue.

The recipe for an amaranth chocolate porridge can be found at the end of the blog post.

It is good to start the day warm in the morning because of the cooler temperatures. I can especially recommend this porridge in the cold season. It tastes incredibly good and is at the same time so pleasant and digestible. You can always combine the porridge according to your taste. If you don’t like chocolate so much, just leave it out. But don’t miss the health benefits of amaranth, because amaranth has so much to offer. With amaranth you get your extra portion of protein at breakfast and stay filled for a long time. Did you know that amaranth is one of the best sources of high-quality protein? 100 g Amaranth contains almost 18 percent high-quality protein, which can be absorbed and utilized by our body in the best possible way. In contrast to other types of grain, amaranth is a true protein bomb, which also keeps you filled for a long time due to the many fibres and easily digestible carbohydrates. And this despite the fact that amaranth has a significantly lower carbohydrate content than all of the other cereals. Perfect for all those who pay attention to a carbohydrate-reduced diet and perfect to continue protein-emphasized after the challenge . You can also read all about protein sources here.

And because after the Challenge is right before the Challenge…

there is already an info for all the curious in advance… Of course there will be the next Challenge in 2019. As always, the dates will be shared first via Newsletter. But you can already look forward to many new recipes, which will provide more easiness and a healthy start for 2019 after the holidays.

Meanwhile I wish you continued success with your personal project “Healthy & Fit”.

High-protein breakfast recipes

Pumpkin Spice Chia-Bowl

Chia seeds are a very simple way to do something good for your body. Due to their high protein and fibre content, even the smallest amounts provide a lot of energy, strength and endurance, even over a long period of time. No wonder that Chia seeds are very popular among active people and endurance athletes. In other words: Chia pudding is the perfect meal to stay filled and fit for a long time.

Millet porridge with plum puree

Millet is an absolute nutrient bomb. They provide the body with essential amino acids, iron, zinc and B vitamins. As a vegetable food, the protein and iron content of millet is really impressive. Did you know that you can cover almost half of the recommended daily amount of iron with 100 g of millet? 100 g millet contains about 7 mg iron and about 11 g protein. In addition to being a very good source of carbohydrates, millet is also a fantastic source of protein, iron and minerals.

Protein-Pancakes with caramelized cherries

For the preparation of the pancakes, I chose a dough mix of low-fat curd cheese, buckwheat flakes and bananas. Thanks to the buckwheat flakes, it remains gluten-free at the same time, which is an added value in case of intolerance. Pancakes are always a great weekend breakfast and instead of cherries you can of course also use seasonal fruits.


Banana bread with peanuts

This bread will definitely keep you in a good mood. Banana bread is a delicious and healthy source of energy, which you can enjoy at any time of the day. The peanuts and almonds it contains have great nutritional values, which we can use perfectly for a conscious diet. They are rich in protein and both contain numerous minerals which are important for the electrolyte balance and for energy production.

Overnight Oats with berries

Overnight Oats are by the way also a super Breakfast-Meal-Prep-Food. Overnight Oats are by the way also a super breakfast Meal Prep food. The fact that the grain is thickened the evening before and soaked overnight saves valuable time for preparation in the morning. Overnight Oats are awesome when it has to happen very quickly when the morning comes, as they only have to be layered with fruit and yoghurt in the morning.



How does a peanut-banana shake sound to you? Sinful? Don’t worry, it’s not. It’s delicious, very tasty and incredibly rich in protein.

Chocolate Chia-Pudding with backed banana

The Chia pudding even tastes so outrageously good that it could go right through for a sinful dessert, which fortunately it is not. That’s why you can enjoy it with a clear conscience right at breakfast and be sure to be supplied with all the valuable nutrients.


Tahini Chocolate Pancakes

Tahini is extremely high in protein, rich in vitamins and fits perfectly with a balanced diet, I decided on Tahini chocolate pancakes without further ado. It’s hard to believe that this recipe is made from purely healthy and natural ingredients, isn’t it? But it is. Each one has an added value for your health.

Wholemeal bread with healthy cranberry chia jam

Most bought and homemade fruit creams and jams contain far too much sugar, which quickly turns into a calorie bomb. Not so for homemade marmalade. This contains protein-rich Chia seeds and is sweetened only by the fruits.

High protein main meals

Colourful lentil stew with seasonal vegetables

A colourful lentil stew cooked with seasonal vegetables and many beneficial spices and herbs is nutritious, warming, easily digestible, satiating and exactly what we need to go strengthened into the next season.

Carrot-Curry with chickpeas

For this recipe I chose a mixture of chickpeas, lentils and carrots and finally garnished the curry with a handful of chopped parsley and peanuts. Chickpeas are great vegetable protein sources that are perfect for making curries. They provide the additional protein plus in a completely natural way and, together with other dietary fibres in the form of fresh vegetables, provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

Light peanut chicken with vegetables

This recipe is incredibly light – although it contains peanut butter. I deliberately mention this here, because again and again I get questions or statements to the effect that peanuts are too “greasy” and therefore unhealthy. Here I can calm down… Peanuts are healthy – even very healthy and a great superfood.

As small power packages they are a great source of protein and contain valuable vital substances. They are rich in magnesium and vitamin E. Contrary to popular belief, peanuts are not nuts, but pulses, which makes them a good source of protein.

Spicy chili-lentil-chili stew

Today I have a simple and quick recipe for a spicy lentil chili one-pot. Due to the selected spices and herbs it gets a slightly oriental note for me. Especially now that the evenings are slowly getting colder again and the colder time of the year is coming, it’s good to treat yourself with warm meals.

Quinotto – Quinoa-Risotto

You’re a risotto fan? Then you will love my new recipe for Quinotto = Quinoa-Rissotto. Even faster and healthier than the classic rice dish, this traditional and extremely popular dish cannot be prepared. Quinoa contains valuable carbohydrates (approx. 64 grams per 100 grams) that gives you a long satiety and yet make it extremely easy to digest. Quinoa has a very low glycemic index compared to other foods (the Glyxx index indicates how quickly the blood sugar level rises after eating a carbohydrate-containing food).



Lentil Bolognese with Pasta

You love spaghetti bolognese? Then try my version with Belugaletils. No other vegetable food contains as much protein as lentils. At the same time I consider them to be more digestible, because they are low in fat, and because of their complex carbohydrates, they are long-lasting fillers. You will hardly notice the difference to a classical Bolognese. Make sure you try them out.


Salmon with Dukkah-crust

Breaded salmon very healthy. The crust, which becomes so super crunchy when mixed with puffed amaranth, is a real taste explosion in the mouth. At the same time, it is also a real healthy alternative to any traditional bread dough, because both the nuts and the amaranth are rich in protein. In addition, amaranth is a pseudo cereal and gluten-free, which offers absolute added value in the case of intolerance.


Chili sin Carne

Chili sin Carne – without meat – but with lots of delicious fresh ingredients, herbs and spices. Did you know that kidney beans are among the healthiest foods ever? The bean’s high-value protein and carbohydrate compounds make it an excellent source of macronutrients, which adds great value to our muscles and strong nerves.


Curcuma-chicken with spinachsalad

The chicken meat is first coated with a spice marinade of curcuma and cayenne pepper. This gives the meat its bright yellow colour and wonderful taste and, in combination with spinach, turns the dish into a real power food.


Lentil-coconut-curry with leaf spinach

All in all, the lentil curry is an absolute win-win dish that provides a little relief before and after all the feasting days without having being hungry. Promised.


Recipe: Amaranth- Chocolate-Porridge


40 g amaranth

1 tbsp. linseed (crushed)

1 tbsp. raw cocoa

200 ml almond milk

A pinch each cinamon, cardamom, vanilla

1 tsp. coconut oil

1 tbsp. maple syrup

Fruits and nuts as desired


  1. Wash the amaranth hot and cook according to the instructions on the packet. (I always boil a larger amount for the next few days)
  2. Add almond milk to the cooked amaranth, heat briefly and leave to swell. Add linseed, raw cocoa, spices and coconut oil. Finally stir in maple syrup and garnish with toppings of fruit and nuts.












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