(Meal-Prep) Tips for a stress-free, healthy Christmas.

Bake cookies, do Christmas shopping, decorate, brighten everything up, prepare a tasty Christmas menu and at the same time look shiny… It is not unusual for the preparation of Christmas to become the most stressful time of the year. No trace of contemplation or even cosiness at all.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Above all the preparation of the Christmas menu can be arranged wonderfully stress-free with correct planning.

My Christmas motto?

Good planning is everything. That’s why I always take a very structured approach when preparing large parties, dinner parties and invitations. If you choose wisely and plan ahead, you can take out 100% of the stress factor and spend more time with your loved ones in the evening instead of in the kitchen. The preparation of a special Christmas menu should not be a reason to get nervous.

After my tips on how to get through Christmas healthily were so well received by you, on Instagram you asked me for a classic Clean Eating Christmas menu. The appetizer and the main course are already on the blog. I have also come up with a healthy snack for in between.

The Naturally Good Clean Eating Christmas menu sshould not only shine by the selection of healthy ingredients, but also by the uncomplicated and fast preparation of the recipes. Meal Prep is always very important for me on holidays, because after all we want to enjoy the most beautiful time of the year, stress-free with our loved ones, right? All Christmas recipes can therefore be prepared at least one day in advance. The dessert can even be prepared a few days in advance. This year there is also an X-Mas Meal Prep list, which I send out by newsletter in time for Christmas. If you don’t receive my newsletter yet, you can register here for free.

Here are my tips for a stress-free, healthy Christmas.

Plan ahead.

A rough outline helps to plan ahead and to get a general overview of the festive evening. Here I note how many people are coming, or if there are any intolerances. Is there something delicious for everyone? I also think it’s important to consider this, because after all, as a host you want to satisfy as many people as possible. Only then am I ready for the menu planning. Here I consider in advance which foods are in season and fit together well. In the subsequent detailed planning, I look at the menu sequence in order to calculate when the individual dishes will be served.

Set priorities.

Christmas is the festivity of enjoyment. Feasting on a grand scale is usually preprogrammed on these days. That’s fine, but do we therefore need several cakes and different desserts at the same time? I don’t think so. The Christmas menu is usually much too sumptuous anyway. I therefore advise you to concentrate on individual dishes that are prepared conscientiously and with a lot of love. Especially when it comes to desserts, the guests are often grateful if this is a little “easier”. How about a fruity-fresh ice cream, for example? Naturally homemade.

Write a shopping list.

I never do my Christmas shopping without a shopping list. I write down all recipes according to different courses in order to get a good overview. For ingredients that I usually have in stock at home, I check my stock list beforehand. I buy durable goods as early as possible, but at least one week before, to avoid the big crowd shortly before the holidays. The day before or Christmas morning I only buy fresh ingredients like salad.

Make preparations.

The correct selection of the individual dishes is decisive for a stress-free process. On festive days, I always choose dishes that are easy to prepare. As soon as the menu plan is ready, I see what needs to be prepared, what needs to be prepared on the same day or just before serving. If possible, I clean, wash and cut fresh salads, fruit or vegetables on Christmas morning.

For a stress-free preparation I also praise every good food processor. (I love my Vitamix) Fresh dips, dressings, sauces or ice cream can be prepared in no time at all and without stress.

Divide work & accept help.

My grandma used to say, “Many hands make a quick end.” This sentence still sounds in my ears today. Involving the partner and the children in the preparation and preparation of meals is not a shame, but extremely clever. Especially since doint it together is quicker and more fun. Family and friends also often like to contribute something to the festive table. One should not reject this help, but accept it gratefully. Starters, dips or even desserts are always a wonderful souvenir for the dinner table.

Cleaning up together.

As well as celebrating together, the common elimination of chaos is part of a stress-free Christmas. I think it’s important that everyone gets down to business here as well. Here, too, applies to me again: Many hands… Those who plan ahead and think about the recipes in advance can actually enjoy the most beautiful time of the year stress-free awith their loved ones.

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