All about Detox: Detoxify naturally, gain more energy – why it’s worth it!

The year has just begun, but somehow the energy is already gone? What can be helpful now: A new start through detox. Gentle cleansing from the inside helps you to specifically break down harmful and toxic substances from the cells. You gain energy, feel well again in your skin and get your natural glow back. Detoxing helps you to restore your natural balance. Basically, during this time we do nothing but give our body a little breather. Maybe you have expected too much from your body over the last weeks. Due to a one-sided diet, stress and too little exercise, our metabolism quickly comes to a standstill. The consequences: Sluggishness, tiredness and exhaustion.

Detox – Natural Glow!

Especially the beginning of the year is a wonderful time for a detox program. I have been doing this regularly for many years and use this time consciously to do something good for myself and my body.

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But from the very beginning… First I’ll tell you everything about Detox and why it’s worth to consciously detox every now and then.

What is „Detox“

“Detox” comes from the english word Detoxification. Basically it means nothing else than a spring cleaning for body and soul.

Basically our body manages to free itself from most toxins. However, an unhealthy and imbalanced diet, stress, lack of sleep and less excercise, can lead to an imbalance and overload in our organism. This imbalance is also known as hyperacidity.

When does hyperacidity occur?

A hyperacidity occurs when our regulatory mechanisms such as breathing, digestion, circulation and hormone production can no longer maintain our acid-base balance. If our control mechanisms are constantly overstrained by the factors mentioned (nutrition, stress, little exercise, etc.), they can no longer deal with the incoming acid flood. The consequences: Our body’s own detoxification system is overstrained; the acid-base balance is out of balance and we feel dull, weak and lacking energy.

Why does a detox program help?

With the help of a targeted detox program, toxins that have accumulated in our organism as a result of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle (e.g. one-sided nutrition, alcohol, stress, too little exercise or polluted air) are eliminated. A detox program helps to gently relieve our body’s own detox organs such as liver, kidneys or skin. Our metabolism only works at full speed, if all organs are supplied best. A detox cure stimulates our body’s own cleansing system in a natural way, whereby toxins are eliminated.

How do we manage to gently cleanse our body?

Detoxification does not necessarily mean a radical change in our eating habits. Although pure juice fasting cures are very effective and absolutely recommendable, they cannot always be easily integrated into daily life and are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially in the cold months. You can achieve the same good effects with a special alkaline diet.

What is an Alkaline-Acid Detox Cure?

With an Alkaline-Acid Detox-Cure, we can naturally relieve our body and activate the body’s own buffer systems. A special alkaline diet and accompanying relief and cleansing tips help to break down harmful substances and toxins.

The advantage:

An alkaline-acid detox cure can be perfectly integrated into everyday life. We can eat normally, do not have to feel hungry and at the same time give our body a little more time for conversion and regeneration.

What does this mean for the selection of my food?

In an alkaline-acid detox cure, the aim is to balance out the “excess” of acids by a nutrition that is as alkaline as possible (a lot of fruits and vegetables). The aim is to bring the body back into its natural balance. It is therefore important to avoid acids and heavily processed foods during this time. Acidic foods include coffee, alcohol, sweetened beverages and most animal products such as milk, meat and sausage. Basic foods are predominantly found in all fruits and vegetables as well as herbs and salads.

What causes hyperacidity?

Unfortunately one does not feel the consequences of a hyperacidity in the beginning. Our organism is designed to use as many of the body’s own resources as possible to compensate for an existing imbalance caused by hyperacidity. How long this works depends on the individual lifestyle and personal reserves.

An unbalanced diet, stress, lack of sleep and lack of exercise can upset our alkaline acid balance and lead to hyperacidity. The first signs are tiredness, exhaustion and laziness.

How does an alkaline-acid detox cure work?

The aim of detoxification is to restore the natural balance and at the same time free the body from the burden of the past. With an alkaline-acid detox cure, we don’t have to be hungry, but instead eat three meals and small snacks. Our metabolism continues to work as usual. This also leads to less frequent fasting crises. A positive side-effect is that we can maintain this cure much easier and longer.

How long can I undergo the detox cure?

You can choose the length by yourself. 2 weeks are ideal, if we want to change our body and ourselves gently and slowly. If you want to lose weight, then an alkalikne-acid detox cure is also excellent and can be continued at will. The slightly alkaline milieu makes it easier for our body to break down fat anyway.

How do I start?

In order to slowly get the body used to the change, it is advisable to avoid stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and sweets a few days before you start. 1-2 soup days at the beginning help to gently activate the body’s natural cleansing processes.

During the first week it is advisable to completely avoid food made from animals. In the second week, dishes can also be supplemented with light fish or meat (from organic products).

What else can I do that is supportive?

We can actively support our body in flushing out all harmful and toxic substances.


It is important to drink a lot during every detox cure. Ideally you should drink at least 2 litres of water per day and/or herbal teas. With a warm glass of water or ginger tea after getting up, we
can stimulate metabolic production and digestion already in the morning.


Exercise also supports the natural cleansing process in an extremely positive way. However, the rule here is: No overexertion! A sporty exertion can lead again to hyperacidity. Moderate sports such as relaxed walking, jogging or yoga are optimal and support inner cleansing.

Detox your life:

External factors such as lack of sleep and stress also have a lasting effect on our body and alkaline-acid balance. In order to restore the natural balance it is therefore important during a detox cure not only the body, but also the head and our soul to free from burdens. This includes, above all, sufficient sleep and rest periods. A leisurely walk, a nice book or a nice bath will help you to relax and clear your mind during this time to start the following weeks strengthened.

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