Relaxed nutrition. Why a healthy diet is not everything.

A healthy diet is important, but not everything! I am regularly asked if I eat things like pizza, fries and co. from time to time. What a question… Of course I do that. As long as I don’t do that every day and the balance is right, there is nothing wrong with it. I don’t like rigid forms of nutrition that restrict me in my being. Much more I stick to a natural and conscious nourishing and way of life. Words like “renunciation” or “diet” therefore have no place in my way of nutrition.

Relaxed nourishment…

… for me means honesty and mindfulness towards yourself. Allow yourself a little low (or a feast) – without being overwhelmed by bad feelings afterwards. For me, living a holistically healthy life begins in my head and is not determined by the one piece of cake that is eaten every now and then. Studies in this context have also found that conscious giving in is less harmful to the body than living in a permanent prohibition.

A life-affirming attitude as well as love and self-acceptance towards you and your diet – even if things don’t go our way – are the keys to more satisfaction and a healthy attitude towards nutrition.

Healthy mindset

We do not need to limit ourselves, if we have the right way of thinking and living towards ourselves. “Renounce nothing and enjoy in moderation” is my motto, because we have all heard motivational sentences like “Feel good in your skin” or “Be smart and finally get fit” too often, right? And what is so simply said is not always easy to implement in daily life. Some days we are simply demotivated and listless. It is important not to throw the “throw in the towel” on these days and let all the negative thoughts roll over you, but simply to accept them. We all have bad days when we don’t feel like sports, healthy food and positive energy. That’s totally fine and mostly just depends on your daily condition. Accept your state of mind instead of constantly torturing yourself with a bad conscience. Allow these thoughts and try not to evaluate them further. Most of the time it gets better the next day.

Do you nevertheless tend to torture yourself with a guilty conscience when things are not running smoothly? Then the following will help:

Ask yourself what you are worth to yourself. What I am worth to myself determines how I treat myself and how I let myself be treated.

Instead of standing in your own way and giving yourself too much room for negativity, a loving relationship with yourself should be your first priority. Love and self-acceptance ensure a good, content and happy life on all levels. A healthy diet is important, no doubt, but to think less about right and wrong food gives us more space for the important things in life. Our perspective gets a different focus and we can concentrate more on ourselves again. Respect yourself and your feelings and live in the awareness that a mindful approach to a healthy diet is at least as important as a mindful approach to yourself.

A “relaxed” nutritional attitude therefore never restricts, but inspires.

What do you think about it? I am looking forward to learn more about you.


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