How running and sports become routine for you | 6 tips

You want to start running but don’t know how, or you always have other excuses? I am often asked about my motivation and running routine. My answer? I don’t think so much about it, I just do it.

Sounds easier than it is? But it is just that easy. You are wondering how you can make running or your favorite sport a part of your life? Make it routine. The less you think about it and the more routinely you put on your running clothes in the morning (or at noon or in the evening), the faster this action becomes a routine and part of you.

For me, running is an integral part of my morning routine. Even before I drink the first coffee of the day, I put on my running clothes. Just like that and without thinking about it. Do I always feel particularly motivated? To be honest, nope. Just because I’m in running clothes in the morning it doesn’t mean I’m particularly motivated. What do I mean by that? Simply do not give so many thoughts about the actual state and the emotional state. Just do it. Since running has been part of my morning routine for many years, I don’t question this “plot”(anymore), just put on my running gear in all weathers and get started.

If you want running or sports to become your routine, I advise you to do it in a similar way as I do. Especially as (re-)beginners it is important not to question every mood, because we always find reasons not to do something, and even to justify it.

After all, we humans are creatures of habit. Leaving the usual comfort is usually uncomfortable at first. However, to make sport your routine, you should throw excuses overboard. Don’t think and talk too much about it, just start running… In the end it’s always worth it.

How can you do that? Of course it requires consistency at the beginning – I am quite honest about that. But with a few small tricks and tips you can easily make running or sport in general an integral part of your life. And don’t worry. To get a routine, you don’t have to run every morning, just stay on the days you set and be consistent.

Here are my tips…

Fix your running clothes and block fixed training days.

I usually walk in the morning. (Especially now in summer I can only encourage everyone to walk early in the morning. Those who exercise immediately after getting up benefit from it all day long. You’re fitter, more motivated and more alert. This has even been scientifically proven). So that it goes quickly in the morning and I can start without thinking, I always search for my running clothes the evening before.

If you are not the one doing sports in the morning, no problem… It also works in the afternoon and also if you can only manage to do sports in the evening. Simply take your running gear with you to work and then – without excuses – start running immediately afterwards. Alternatively, you can also set and block certain days of the week after work for your running workout so as not to be distracted elsewhere.

Formulate goales.

Especially if you are a beginner in running and are working on your running routine, it is helpful to formulate motivating goals. Remember what prompted you to start running at the beginning. Targets give orientation to you. Visualizing them over and over again helps you to stay successful. However, make sure that these are realistic and achievable goals. Anything else would be demotivating and counterproductive.

Train together.

When it comes to sports routine, excuses are always welcome. You want to get over your inner laziness, but always have a tendency to make excuses? Then find an ally. Together it’s easier to get started. Training together motivates connects and helps you to stay on the ball. If you can’t find a training partner, you can also join a running group in your town.

Reward yourself.

Is there something that motivates you to stay on top of it? Like a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant? Then reward yourself with it. Of course not every day, but for example if you have successfully completed your training plan for a certain period of time. Even new running clothes can always be a nice motivator to stay on. Especially at the beginning it can be helpful for you to develop a personal reward system to motivate you additionally.

No stress.

The first step is always the hardest. To make running (or your favorite sport) your routine, you need a little patience. I’m sorry, that won’t happen overnight. Even if it seems incredibly strenuous at the beginning, you will find that after a short time it becomes more and more self-evident and easier for you. Running in particular is a very rewarding sport. Smaller successes and the positive side effects set in relatively quickly. As an incredible amount of happiness hormones are released during exercise and exercise creates distraction, relaxation and reduces stress levels at the same time, you will not want to miss this feeling after a relatively short time and will see running as a reward for a stressful week.

And if things don’t work out the way you want?

Don’t stress yourself. Even with me there are always times when I don’t feel so good. Frustration is allowed and is part of it. Me for example, I try not to give these days a big rating, but stick to my training routine if possible. On these days, my motto is: Better bad than doing nothing. It has been proven that what has been achieved satisfies and at the same time makes us proud. In the end, I think it’s always worth it.

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