Live Naturally

Live in harmony with yourself, your surroundings and nature:

  • Take an aware and holistic approach to life
  • Take responsibility for the benefit of yourself as well as others
  • Align your life in accordance with nature
  • Live ecologically and sustainably
  • Whenever possible, purchase regional, sustainable and fair-trade products
  • Sharpen your perspective toward essentials and take an interest in what happens behind the scenes

Be Healthy

We all strive to have the longest and most fulfilling life possible.  For me, an active lifestyle is an indispensable component of good health. Establishing sport as a vital part of your daily routine is not only important in order to stay fit and healthy, but above all, helps to de-stress and is essential to restoring inner balance and keeping your mind and soul fit.

  • Be active, do sports and make them a vital part of your daily routine
  • Make the most of every day for you and your health
  • Find a way to include necessary relaxation periods
  • Spoil yourself and your body with delicious and healthy foods

Eat Good

As a connoisseur, cooking and good food are two of my passions. Of course, it’s important to me to eat healthy foods and pay attention to the quality of products. For that reason, I nourish myself primarily according to the Clean-Eating Method. Instead of eating pre-packaged and convenience foods or artificial ingredients, I select unprocessed foods that can be freshly and healthfully prepared. For me this means:

  • Knowing where the products come from
  • Buying organic products whenever possible
  • Buying regional and seasonal products
  • Eating several small meals throughout the day

Through my recipes, posts and workshops, I share with you how our nourishment is tied to our wellness and how a balanced diet can positively impact the aging process.



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